A few days ago, a friend of mine told me: “ I do so much side activities that HR are used to tell me with a little smile that I can seem unstable”.

I asked her why she does all these activities?

She immediately replied: “ Because I like to discover new things and, believe it or not, I get better in other unrelated fields cause I learn quicker !” for sure, the more you know the more you can relate to.

At this moment, it clicked!

Do HR are looking for generalists, who try out a lot of new…

I woke one day with an idea, create a playful universe accessible to everyone and share knowledge about our digital era (The “I have a Dream” moment). Laughable we might say, ideas are worthless, to create value we need to build, but how to build?

This is where the right process which helps managing complexity is a game changer!

Taking baby steps! Ok, but to where?

With the basic idea which is creating an interactive universe, I thought of a video game, gamification is as very effective Learning Technique. The following question is: How to make it accessible? …

While walking around, I saw a teenager taking pictures, editing and publishing them on his smartphone. I took a step back and was amazed!

I’m only 22 but when I was a teenager, technology was not as “efficient”, and I thought to myself:

“Maybe one day I won’t be able to understand new technologies, even if I am an engineer as they say.”

To see if this could happen, I started looking for some data/facts that could help us understand and visualize the “evolution of technology”.

Some laws!

As a “science guy” and a “stock market investor”, I like charts, goods ones…

A few weeks ago, my big sister and I were talking about buying plane tickets and how to manage our travel together. She’s a bit stressed by nearly everything uncertain (life, I suppose).

She told me: “I don’t Know how to deal with cancelled planes and all this stuff, I’m not a Product Owner like you say”. Really? Let’s have a look!

What’s a Product Owner ?

A Product Owner is a member of a Scrum Team with the Scrum Master and the a Cross Functional Dev Team (3 to 9 members), generalists and specialists like we covered in this article. …

The more we learn, the more we can learn new things easily, but why? Thanks to the connections our brain can do!

The more experience we have, the more we can relate to. That’s why science vulgarization and comparison are important in the learning process. Let’s take a famous example.

To teach kids how to count, what do we do? We use things they understand like apples or tomatoes to associate them with numbers, this way kids can visualize what 2 + 2 means.

2 Tomatoes + 2 Tomatoes = 4 Tomatoes!

But to learn and teach new things, we have to be able to make more of…

Did you know that our brain goes in auto mode more than 80% of the time? In fact, there is a very simple reason for this, to use “energy” efficiently.
When our brain goes in auto mode, we don’t have to think about every step while we do something like tying our shoes.

The auto mode is run by our Habits, habits change everything in life. To begin we need to learn the Thinking Process of our Brain.

Our Energy efficient Brain!

The 2 modes of Thinking!

These two thinking modes are used for different kinds of activities.
The “Focus Thinking Mode” is used to learn new subjects, by first…

Alexandre Trigui

Hi everyone! Here we share useful stories, researches, Tips&Tricks about learning and new technologies.

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